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About Me

Welcome, my name is Heather, I am a clinical hypnotherapist practicing solution focused hypnotherapy. I trained at the Clifton Practice, graduating with a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH).
I was born in Bristol but have spent many years in London and Oxford, I am know resettled in Bristol with my two sons, partner, and numerous pets.
I have been a health care professional all my working life, initially training as a nurse and then lecturing in both renal and critical care practice. Working within the NHS, I have a broad base of clinical knowledge, experience, and expertise. For the past 20 years I have worked in research management both within the NHS and pharmaceutical industry. For the past 14 years I have successfully managed the cancer clinical trials unit within the Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre.
My approach to therapy is inspired by evidence-based practice and is delivered in a very relaxed manner with empathy and compassion. As a highly motivated professional with rounded life experience my core values are honesty and integrity. I have a passion for facilitating others to achieve their potential through, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, where gaining control over our own thought processes can really enable improved mental health and overall wellbeing.
My own experience of receiving Solution focused hypnotherapy completely changed my way of thinking and provided me, personally, with an impressive alternative to general counselling and traditional psychotherapy. My goal is to support others in achieving their potential through overcoming stress and anxiety that is often associated with life’s challenges.

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